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                                       ABOUT THE PODCAST 

Have you just been sitting in your car and a song will come on and you IMMEDIATELY remember all the words without missing a beat? With every word you can feel yourself going back to the days when you were watching Boyz N The Hood and putting hot sauce on your popcorn cause Janet Jackson did it in Poetic Justice? That’s the feeling I invoke every time you listen to the "IN THE MIX  WITH LEAH B.podcast! Through your ears, I will be talking about your favorite artists.  WHILE telling you about the behind-the-scenes drama and the action of the artist! With the knowledge I’m spitting, you may never listen to your favorite Hip Hop, R&B and Gospel music artist the same way again! "Are You That Somebody"who never knew a  "Love Like This Before" while you are Set Adrift on Memory Bliss?  So sit back and relax as I take you on ride down memory lane.  So click play, listen, download and write a review!

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